Wednesday, January 12, 2011

funny headlines Yifan

Actual Headline: Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft, weird as it seems like as if the astronaut farted in the spacecraft and people are blaming him for that

Funny Headline - Kimberly

Kicking Baby Considered to Be Healthy

I find it funny as I misinterpreted that the article. I thought that the article is about kicking the baby is considered healthy for the baby while the headline means that baby who are kicking in the womb is healthy.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Creating your own poem - Truth


Saying the truth is a relief,
Saying only the truth should be your dream.
Thinking that the truth does not exists is a belief,
Or it could be just you daydreaming.

Learning the truth could be painful,
Real truth will pierce through your heart.
Hiding the truth is stressful,
Hiding the truth could stop the beating of your heart.

Ignoring the truth could be a silly act,
However, that could be the only thing you could do.
Faking the truth has a serious impact,
It makes you feel bad too.

Revealing the truth makes you feel right,
Though it could leave the rest in shock.
What are you going to do with the truths?
Your decision might end you up with the doc.

Written by Kimberly

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Cat's Perspective

I was told to share this, so here goes:

A single drop of pureness
       Slipping down my paw
As light falls on the little gem,
     Others begin to thaw.

Nothing beats the rise
Of a beautiful fruit.
Is it an orange or tangerine?
Possibly a shiny grapefruit?

It lightens my heart
To see the birds chirping to the light
To see the entire world come alive.....
At the end of the night.

I glare at the big ball of orange
Wondering if it was yarn,
As it slowly drifts, up and up,
Over my owner's barn.

The street starts to come ALIVE!
With big metal monsters
Towering over my furry head.
Nothing can be flashier.

I watch as a human w.a.l.k.s.
Out of the big machine.
He stops and stares, at cute, little me.
Then fed me sardine.

I gobbled it up, fast as I could.
Nothing tasted better than this.
The giant got back to the moving house,
And left with a hiss...

16 line poem

Chocolate's the best,
unlike all the rest
it's as good as gold,
no it's better tenfold!
so many kinds, it's hard to choose,
but no matter what you get, you just won't lose!
it's a delicacy,
it makes you hungry
gone, quick as lightning,
you ate it, didn't you?
and now you're blushing,
i knew it, you was lying!
I ate too much, this must be a curse,
or perhaps it's something much, much worse!
or maybe i'm overreacting, and it's just something delightful,
the greatest gift, it makes you joyful!

Monday, August 16, 2010

my video

it might be a little short...

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Muhammad Hakeem Bin Fathurraman)

Dear Ms Nair,

Since some people said they have problems viewing my video, I will send you another copy of the recording. Here it is.