Monday, August 23, 2010

Creating your own poem - Truth


Saying the truth is a relief,
Saying only the truth should be your dream.
Thinking that the truth does not exists is a belief,
Or it could be just you daydreaming.

Learning the truth could be painful,
Real truth will pierce through your heart.
Hiding the truth is stressful,
Hiding the truth could stop the beating of your heart.

Ignoring the truth could be a silly act,
However, that could be the only thing you could do.
Faking the truth has a serious impact,
It makes you feel bad too.

Revealing the truth makes you feel right,
Though it could leave the rest in shock.
What are you going to do with the truths?
Your decision might end you up with the doc.

Written by Kimberly

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Cat's Perspective

I was told to share this, so here goes:

A single drop of pureness
       Slipping down my paw
As light falls on the little gem,
     Others begin to thaw.

Nothing beats the rise
Of a beautiful fruit.
Is it an orange or tangerine?
Possibly a shiny grapefruit?

It lightens my heart
To see the birds chirping to the light
To see the entire world come alive.....
At the end of the night.

I glare at the big ball of orange
Wondering if it was yarn,
As it slowly drifts, up and up,
Over my owner's barn.

The street starts to come ALIVE!
With big metal monsters
Towering over my furry head.
Nothing can be flashier.

I watch as a human w.a.l.k.s.
Out of the big machine.
He stops and stares, at cute, little me.
Then fed me sardine.

I gobbled it up, fast as I could.
Nothing tasted better than this.
The giant got back to the moving house,
And left with a hiss...

16 line poem

Chocolate's the best,
unlike all the rest
it's as good as gold,
no it's better tenfold!
so many kinds, it's hard to choose,
but no matter what you get, you just won't lose!
it's a delicacy,
it makes you hungry
gone, quick as lightning,
you ate it, didn't you?
and now you're blushing,
i knew it, you was lying!
I ate too much, this must be a curse,
or perhaps it's something much, much worse!
or maybe i'm overreacting, and it's just something delightful,
the greatest gift, it makes you joyful!

Monday, August 16, 2010

my video

it might be a little short...

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Muhammad Hakeem Bin Fathurraman)

Dear Ms Nair,

Since some people said they have problems viewing my video, I will send you another copy of the recording. Here it is.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: 20 Matthew Wong)

Picture 2(a)
I think the main focus of this picture is the man who is ferrying two passengers on the trishaw. He has to ferry people on a busy road full of cars for a living. He is having a very tough time as he is heading in the opposite direction of the main traffic and has to dodge vehicles heading towards him while concentrating on pulling his passengers to their destination.
The message of the picture is that there is a growing poverty gap causing the rich to be very rich and the poor to be very poor. This picture clearly shows that. The man pulling the trishaw has to do backbreaking work to bring home the bread and cannot afford even shoes while others, like the person on the motorcycle, are rich enough to afford their own vehicles.
I feel that the photograph is very clear, the message is clear too. I do not think it needs any adjustments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Arthur Lee Ying Kiu)

Sorry for the late post guys, been really busy this past couple of days with my extended family gathering.

Picture 2a
This picture shows how the rich extremes come together with the poor extremes, and some of the conflict of the two. They both fit in a small alley where they cannot properly do their own things, the poor coolie carrying the passengers to make a living seems to be obstructing the way of the man in the motorcycle. It would be interesting to find out what will happen when they are about to collide, who will give way to the other? If the man in the motorcycle gives way to coolie, perhaps there is not that much social differences after all. 
There is a clear divide between the person on the motorcycle who is on the rich side and the poor coolie who is on the poor side. On the rich side, we can see that this man is luckier as he was more well off than the coolie, being able to afford a motorcycle and is with the luxury cars on the left of the picture. On the poor side, the coolie is not as well off and has to resort to earning a living by carrying passengers around which is back breaking labor and is with the wet and poorer feel of the right side of the picture. This shows some of the social gaps and differences in the community of the place, the rich can be really rich while the poor can be really poor and the gap between them can be even bigger.  

if there are unexpected pauses, it is because I had a little breathing difficulty on that day

The full video is 1mins 10s long, so if the video hangs, won't load, is suddenly shortened, you may click this link:

Anyways, here is the script

I feel that the focus of this image is that the old man which still has to ferry passengers for a living despite his age is blocking the route of the progress of the rich of the society who can afford motorised vehicles. The main character is the old man and the setting is that of a busy street. I think that the story is that since the different modes of transports of the rich and the poor move at different paces, the poor of the community might be a problem to it in the future by literally slowing or halting the process of which the community progresses as depicted in this picture. I think that the message the photographer is trying to convey is that there is still financial disparity in the community and that it is gradually becoming a problem. I like the photo as it informs us that such problems still exist. I do not wish to make any changes to the photograph as it already displays the financial disparity between the rich and the poor and any changes might blur the message.

HomELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: 13 Lai Wen Xuan Jeremy)

Picture 2c
The focus of this picture is the baby in the middle as the people in
the picture are smiling happily at him, so I believe that that is the
focus of this picture. There are six people in the picture, two are
sleeping. They all look happy together, although they are staying in a
very small and dirty area. I think that the story behind this picture
is that it is now a time of hardship and many people have become very
poor, causing them to have to stay in this type of place. I believe
that the message that the photographer is trying to convey with the
message is that a family can still live together happily even though
they are poor. What I like about this picture is that it shows the
type of place people have to live in if they are poor. If I was the
photographer, I would try to take the photo with another background
instead of the current one.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Chua Yue Hian, Roy)

I apologise for any and every outside noise for my sister and cousin were arguing at around the same time and are making a lot of noise.

Picture 2(b)
The focus of the image is the mother and her child sleeping on a big blanket on the dirt street. This is so as they are the only human characters being portrayed in the image.

Both mother and child are facing the background, so as to ignore noise, that would disturb their sleep. In front of the mother, is a metal wire frame, with many cloths and towels being hung up. These clothes and towels might be the mother’s laundry, being hung up to dry. Behind the metal frame is a hill of dirty clothes, piled up to around waist height. There is also a pile of relatively clean clothes on the right side of the image, that is being covered by a huge brown cloth, so as to prevent the clothes underneath to get hit by anymore dirt.

I think that the image is trying to show us part of the daily lives of single mothers taking care of a child in poverty. I believe this is so for the photographer did not include any evidence that there might be a father helping to look after the child. If the mother were to be a woman of much wealth, she would not be sleeping on the streets with only a blanket and a pillow to be her entire bed.

I think that the photographer is trying to tell us that poverty is not to be ignored and we have to treasure what we have now for there are people more worse off than us.

The only thing I dislike about the image is that there is a hand sticking out of the left side of the image. If I was the photographer, I would have waited for the person whose hand is in the image to walk past before taking the picture.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: 05 Kimberly Ong Fang Ying)

Picture 2(a)
The focus in the image is the rickshaw and the modern surroundings which consists of cars and motorcycles. There is a contrast between the poor rickshaw puller and the motorists. The rickshaw puller appeared to be struggling to pull the rickshaw. His clothes were dirty and wet, compared to the motorist's which was ironed and clean. It seems like it just rained as there were puddles of water on the ground. The picture is most likely taken in a developing country where there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. I think that the story that lies behind the image is that there could be a poor man trying to earn money while the rich are enjoying themselves based on the focus of the picture. The photographer is seeking to tell the viewers that in certain developing countries, financial disparity is a serious problem and something has to be done. I like the focus of the picture, the contrast between the rich and the poor, however, I dislike the fact that the motorcycle was closer to the camera when picture was taken which might mislead the viewer that that is the focus. If I were the photographer I will take the picture when the rickshaw puller is nearer to the camera.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: 04 Norullayaley Mohd Ikbal)

Image 2(b)

The focus of the image is the setting in which the image was taken. A large portion of the image is the setting, and not on one particular character/object.

A woman and a baby is sleeping on a pink piece of cloth laid out on the ground outdoors. They are sleeping in front of a metal grill. Bright pieces of cloth is hung onto the metal grill. They are faced away from the camera. Their clothes are ragged and dirty. Their surrounding too is not that clean as well. It seems to be in a dump. 

I think the story that lies behind this image how the woman and her baby is forced to live on the streets because she is poor. She neither has proper shelter nor does she have proper hygiene, due to her living conditions.

I think the message that the photographer is seeking to convey through the image is how people are living in poverty and are forced to live on the streets. Their living conditions are terrible, as they have no choice but to make they do with what they have (which is not very much). 

What I like about this image is how the photographer managed to capture the whole scenario very well, and it depicts a very obvious story.

HomELearning Activity 2 (S104: 02 Fatin Zafirah)

Image two c shows four people resting in a hut. They are very happy though they look very poor. They live in a very small hut which is not a very good shelter. I think that we living in Singapore should be very grateful because we do not live in conditions like this. However, many of us take granted of the luxury that we have. We live in home better than this but we still are not close to our family. I am sure that many of the citizens of this country live like this. I like this picture because it shows happiness. Also, it makes me realize how fortunate we are in Singapore. However, I dislike this picture because it makes me upset. It shows how difficult other people in other countries are. I wish we could help them somehow. I would like to build them a proper home if I were given a chance.

homELearning Activity 2 (S104: 03 Serene Fong)

The focus of this image is a mother with her children. The photographer has made sure to  show their facial expression. They are sitting down and chatting happily with one another. The youngest child is sitting in a hammock. They do not seem well-off as they are seated on the ground with no shoes and two boys are not wearing a shirt. There are two of them sleeping on the hard ground. Their father is no where to be seen in the picture so I assume that he is working to earn money and feed the family. Despite their poverty, they seem to be very happy and make the best out of situation. The photographer is most probably trying to tell us how fortunate we are to have a comfortable bed to sleep in, that we have parents who care about us and so on. We have to learn to appreciate the things that we have. I like that the image shows a ordinary scenario in an extraordinary way. A family chatting together is an ordinary thing to do for us but it is the story behind it and the details which make it extraordinary. If I were the photographer, I would have stepped back a little and changed the angle such that the mother's back would not be cut. 

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Muhammad Hakeem Bin Fathurraman)

Dear teacher,

These are the work.


Hom(EL)earning activity 2 (S1-04 Tshin Qi Ren)

The focus of the picture is the poor man pulling the rickshaw as the surrounding mode of transport are taxi, motorcycles but then only the poor man is pulling a rickshaw. This shows the poor and the rich differences between the mode of transport and the way to earn money. The old man looked very tired and dirty as he trudged along the road. He must have had a long and tiring day bringing customers to and fro based on his own legs and arm strength. Taxi filled the road as there seemed to be a jam. 2 customers sat on the rickshaw looking at the poor man. They might have took pity on him and decided to take a rickshaw ride instead of taking taxi. I think that the messages are all about the poor and the rich. Showing us the poor and the rich about the reality of our lives. How cruel the world is when some are so rich they could afford a mansion while some are so poor they cannot even fill their stomach 3 times a day, I think that the photographer is trying to tell us to be generous to feel the poor's poorness and so we will learn to be more conservative and also be kind so next time when we meet a beggar or someone old and poor, we will be generous and kind enough to give him some extra money we had. The only problem with this picture is that the details of the pictures are not detailed enough. I could not see clearly if the 2 passengers are angry or pitiful about the poor man. I would choose to take a picture which shows a better clearer view of the man's sufferings. so as to emphasize the differences between the rich and the poor.

The focus of the picture is about a family who is happy and are chatting among themselves. I can see this and know it through the smiles on their faces.

There are four people in the picture, three boys and a woman, probably their mother. Two of the boys are topless and one of the boys is wearing the shirt. The boys are thin to the bone, indicating that they are very poor. The surroundings look very cluttered, as if as they are crammed into a very small space. It also looks very untidy, but the boys and their mother do not mind.

I think that the story behind this picture is derived from the happy looks over everyone, even though they are living in a slum. I think the writer is trying to tell us that even though one is poor, it does not mean that one cannot enjoy life and be happy, that money is not everything.

If I were the photographer, I would have zoomed in a little bit more, to capture the boys' expressions, and to lessen the background, but make it still visible that they are living in a slum

I edited a bit when I was speaking, do not be surprised if what I said was different from the script. Thanks.

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Pasakorn Konwohrachet)

The image focuses on a family of a mother and her three children as it prominently shows them smiling at each other and having a good time talking and chatting.

Two boys are seated and are observing their surroundings, with happy faces. A woman, their mother, is observing them and smiling, contented that her sons are reasonably happy. A baby, one that cannot be more than 3 years old, smiles at one of the boys.

It could be possible that the day was sunny after a few days of rain, and the boys were happy they would not have to get wet, or that they enjoyed looking at people around. It could also be possible that there is more company than usual in that area.

We should always cherish what we have. In the photo, it is prominently seen that the family was happy, even though they were living beside a street. Taking that as an example, we should be happy, even though we may not always get whatever we want.

The image shows too much the main characters and too little on the surroundings. If I were the photographer, I would actually walk out of the picture or zoom out and take them with the setting of the photo.

-Picture 2(c)

homELearning Activity 2 (104 Helene Tan)

The focus of the image is the children who are talking to each other, as they are the closest to the camera, and are not blurred. The characters have smiles plastered onto their faces, and some of the boys are shirtless. There are two children sleeping on the floor, which leads me to think that the family is poor. I think the story that lies behind the image is about a poor family, but they are still happy as they have each other. I think this is so as the family is poor, but they are smiling, with happy looks on their faces, perhaps talking about a funny happening in the day. The photographer may be trying to say that happiness is reachable everywhere, and that we should not let something like poverty dampen our spirits. I like that the people in the picture are smiling, and it is easy to see the expressions of the faces. If I were the photographer, I would have taken the picture from a different angle, so that the background would not be so distracting.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (104: Millie Thng)

The focus in the image is on the group of citizens, probably a family, chatting happily among themselves. I know that as the picture captures the expressions of each individual clearly.
A happy family is seated down, chatting excitedly among themselves. They appear to be poor, as two of the children are sleeping on the cold, hard floor. It seemed that that was their home. A small, confined place. A toddler is sitting upon a small hammock, seemingly cheerful. Although poor, the family is still happy as long as they are together as one.
It is probably a period of harsh times, where it is important to stay together as a family. Perhaps the dark period is going to be over, so the family is excited and happy. Perhaps the family members have learnt to appreciate each other after the event.
The photographer is probably trying to convey the message that it doesn't matter whether we are poor or not, as long as we stay together as a happy family.
I like the fact that the image captured the expressions on each individual clearly. If  I were the photographer, I would take the picture at a different angle such that it would eliminate the background.

homElearning activity 2 (S1-04 Denise Lim)

homElearning activity 1

The focuses of this image are the two people sleeping on a cloth and the clothes that are hung and placed around them. The photographer had taken this photo to show the living conditions of the people. Hence, I think the focuses of this photo are the people and the clothes, since they stand out in the photo.

It was daylight. Spread across the hard and cold floor is a thin sheet of cloth. Lying on top of this sheet of cloth is an adult and a child who are fast asleep. They seemed like they have not slept for days. The duo seemed like they are poor and homeless as the child is not in school. The clothes that they wear look old and dirty. However, they do not seem like they are too particular with hygiene and cleanliness. A variation of clothes ranging in sizes and colours are arranged haphazardly around them. 

I think the story that lies behind this image is to show people that poverty is widespread in the world. Many people are facing poverty and they do not have a proper home to live in.

I think the message that the photographer is seeking to convey through the image is to remind those who are more fortunate to cherish the things that they have and not take the things that they have for granted.

I like the way the photographer had taken the photograph as it made the people and the clothes stand out in the photograph. If I were the photographer, I would have taken a photo of the people in the front view and zoom out to take a picture of the "house" that they live in.

homELearning Activity 2 104 Reuven Lim

Picture 2(a)

The focus of this picture is the man pulling the rickshaw and his richer surroundings. This is because there is a stark contrast between the poorer man and his richer surroundings. I think the story is about the financial disparity between Indians as the country develops, and many are still poor and impoverished. I think the message the photographer is trying to send is that while India is becoming richer, many Indians are still poor. I like the image because it is realistic, and it shows the horrible truth. If I were the photographer, I would show more contrast between the poor and rich.

english e learning

the english e learning.

16 line poem

Mrs Nair told me to post this up.

I don't like it when my mother is home
and nags at me all day
I don't like it when my father is home
and spies on me from his smoking tray

I don't like it when my sister is home
and makes so much noise,
I can't hear hear myself think!
that's how much she annoys

But on days where
I'm the only one home
and I'm sitting on the sofa
feeling oh so alone

Inside my head I'll say
"When mom, dad and sister comes home
I won't shove them away"
If only I stuck to the things I say


Friday, August 6, 2010

Poem - Chocolate

(Asked to post by Mrs Nair)

Twinkle twinkle, goes the wrapper.
As shiny as a light reflector.
Crinkle crinkle, tearing the wrapper,
Underneath it, something better.

Sniff sniff, it smells like cocoa,
Hmm, is it made of dough?
Nibble! Nibble! Munch! Munch!
Yum! Yum! Crunch! Crunch!

It is as brown as coffee,
as sweet as honey,
as tasty as jelly!
It is heavenly!

Chomp! Chomp!
Om nom nom!
The remaining chocolate are gone too.
Oh, sorry, am I supposed to leave some for you?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem of a life in school

Here is my poem which we were supposed to do for Jun Holidays.
Mrs Nair ask me to post.
Here it is:

Everything I wake up and go to school.
Trying not to sleep in the bus and drool.
When I reach school, a very huge place,
It kinds of leave me in a daze.

Students dashing about in all directions
Some trying to do some funny actions
Teachers all something their heads off,
All ending up with a really bad cough.

Around the corridors some students lurk,
Trying to ask people to let them copy their homework.
“Ding Dong!” It’s assembly time,
Everyone rushes as the ding-dong bells chime

Frantic students run in late
As fast as a pair of speeding skates
This is typical day at school,
I still think it’s kind of cool.

Jun Hui

Poem- Toa, Heroes of the Bionicle

Metal clanks as they move their hands
as their weapons ignite with fires alike
as one, they strike with the swiftness of lightning
making the opponent see no point in fighting
many will ask and most will say "who?"
but for those who know, they fear the name "Tahu"

They're cold as ice, with their lifeless eyes
their frosty glare, their motionless stare
with a touch of frost on every blade
provoking one will seal your fate
the silent strikers, with eyes dark as tar
the cold-blooded beings called "Kopaka"

Fire which melts, Ice, that freezes
Stuck together, as Toa brothers
that is the code, to all Toa who stand
against the Evil, who covets the land

(Was asked to post by Mrs. Nair)