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Castle desctiptions

Castle 1
The majestic castle stood in front of a lake, surrounded by lush greenery. All tourists and passers-by who saw the castle always had the same few comments- grand, beautiful, and magnificent. However, only the exterior was beautiful. In the castle, servants were all displeased with the living conditions. They were forced to work or be killed, and the interior of castle were all perfectly furnished and beautiful, except for the servant's living quarters. They were all filthy and cramped. Only where the king frequently went about at were nicely done up.

Castle 2
Located far far away, there was a dilapidated castle. The roof and framework of the castle looked like it was about to collapse, and it was enough to make people think it is haunted. In there, there lived a crazy king. He would do stuff which were considered crazy to normal people. So, he was feared by almost everyone in the country because of his madness, so his castle was located far from any other residence, and up a tall hill. There was a long winding road leading to the city area from the castle, but it took weeks to arrive there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Golden rays of light shone through spaces between each turret as people from far travelled towards the city. The magnificent sight made all passers-by stare in awe. The sight of the castle, combined with the view from the other half of the Bridge of Lore, was a sight to behold. Even the laborers that were known never to forsake their work, took a break to enjoy the view. It was a sight to behold. The traders outside the city took a break and slowed their horses just to enjoy the sight. The good king overlooked all that happened before commanding the knights to sound the bell. “Dong” when the bell, as the merchants and citizens of the city packed up and prepared to return to their homes, striding and strolling while attempting to preserve the sight in their memories, little did they know that those rays were not sunlight...

Descriptions of Picture B - Roy

Once being a man of power and command, the king of the castle grew mad with power over his subjects, and started to be over-cautious of this envious rivals and enemies, and made plans to separate the castle from the lowly outside world, concealing the king to be alone with his treasure and his subjects. In the end, he blew up the strong wooden bridge that was the only entrance and exit to the majestic and grand castle, preventing merchants and travelers from entering the once-famous kingdom. Slowly, the king's subjects started to question the king's decision. With the bridge blew up, no merchants could enter the dictated kingdom, making the progress of technology of the ruined kingdom stop. The morale of the citizens of the kingdom decreased, and eventually refused to clean and polish the castle's walls, making them turn rough and rocky, with moss and creepers spreading around the walls like a disease.

Descriptions of Picture A - Roy

From the view of a fiery dragon in search of treasure, the castle was perfect. In the clear blue sky, the polished stone towers of the magnificent castle shone brilliantly in the eyes of the gold-hungry dragon. As the dragon approached, the dragon's sixth sense could feel gold, treasures and jewels hidden in the heart of that stone structure. To the dragon, the castle just needed a weak whip of its tail to be completely demolished. When the dragon landed, the knights of the castle rushed out to defend their king's home, but to no avail, their short swords of steel could not pierce through the hard scales of the dragon. Ignoring the weak knights who posed no threat, the dragon whipped his huge tail at the castle's supposedly-indestructible walls, spilling out stones and other wreckage into the nearby river. The dragon eyed the castle with greed as it clawed its claws which were harder than diamond at the center tower, destroying the once stable and undisturbed walls of stone of the castle, revealing a bounty of treasure to please the dragon, surrounded by the rubble of its once-sturdy castle walls. With a smirk of pleasure, the dragon grabbed a huge handful of the treasure, leaving nothing behind, and flew away in huge and powerful beats of his long leathery wings.

Castle descroptions - Hakeem

Castle A - The castle, was still in its original state. Still clean, still intact, still as one piece. Still grand. Tourists were allowed in. A chance to see luxury in the olden times.some things were taken out and new things were put inside. Some rooms were left alone. Some were redecorated. All in all, the castle was still magnificent, it and its surroundings hiding the fact that there was a grey cloud behind.

Castle B - The grand castle, the one where the rich and famous billionaire lived, was abandoned. The bridge leading to it was destroyed. Perhaps The Magnificent One was meant to be left alone. Like an antique. The bridge was destroyed. No one knows what is inside, or if there is anything inside. One thing’s for sure. The bridge was destroyed on purpose.


Picture A (Castle) Setting

The river perfectly relfected the azure sky, no ripples tarnishing this perfect image. But not only the sky, the majestic castle that stood proudly along its banks shone brightly along the water, its white making it seem like the river was mixed along with the essence of the moon, its white blue turrets blending in with the cacophony of green and lush trees which grew bountifully on each side of the river...

(Pardon me for the essence of the moon, I actually wanted to right milk, but it didn't sound right?)

Castle Description

A beautiful stream of water flowed. The building at the end of it was glorious, majestic. I had never seen anything like it before. The blue tips shone. The white body glowed. A forest surrounded the castle. Green and luscious, it seemed to be serene because of the pinnacle of beauty. The water, too, seemed happy to reflect the colours of its peaceful surroundings. None of them wants to be left out.


The setting sun made the clouds seem more menaced, more scary. Beneath the ashen-gray clouds, a castle stood. Tall, but isolated. It was quiet on that hill. The wind did not even gave a sound. Who would live in such a place? Even the muddy path leading up to it seems to give the impression that it was unfit for a king, queen or even a civilian.

Only a peasant could live up there.

the castle with the lake - helene

At long last, the new castle was built. After many long months of laboring to complete the castle with its high white walls and the beautiful lake around it, it was finally completed. It was such an enormous castle, that even the servants could get lost in it. It had a grand royal gate, a garden with perfectly tamed grass and many exotic trees along with it. Everyone knew of the castle, despite it being so new, and everyone knew that the princess was trying to find a suitable groom. Everyone who came by was deemed not good enough by the king for the perfect princess, who was attractive, intelligent and well-mannered. All men wanted to be her husband, but all who tried had failed, as the kings expectations were extremely high. All of this was something that a beggar like Julian could only dream of. But one day changed his life forever……

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Picture A - Millie

Majestic - the only word to describe that elegant castle sitting by a stream, with waters so clear you could see those little rocks settling at the bottom of it. Disney, I heard, was the name of the guy who created this beautiful piece of artwork. I placed my hand into the waters, ripples spread across the stream’s surface. I gazed at that tall castle. How I wished to go in there. With buildings that high, the scenery would be splendid and it also did not matter that he was in the tallest tower. The one with the golden pointy roof. I would never forget that day. He ought to be bashed up, no, he ought to be killed. Perhaps being chopped off bit by bit, just like what he did to my sister. What an unscrupulous method to get the king’s favor. What a beautiful castle, yet filled with that crook. That disgusting, gross, irritating, practically heartless crook. The only thing valuable to him was wealth and fame. Guess he was not going to have them any longer… …

The castle 2?...

The castle was magnificent, simply magnificent. With its towering towers, its white and blue, the colour blended together nicely, forming this beautiful, magnificent castle... With a small lake, large wall towers and a draw bridge, the castle looks like it could withstand most of the attacks... The white tower look shiny, making it look like it fits a king/queen to live. I could not believe this scene with I look at this towering castle. How was it possible that I had won this out from a bet from a extremely wealthy man?...

Picture A: image of a beautiful castle

The castle was magnificent.
The majestic blue rooftop gave the castle a majestic look, the look that was fit for royalty. The white - grey bricks that made the whole body strong and sturdy, it made it look like it was made to endure strong winds and storms, it made it look like it could endure anything.
The golden touches gave the castle a truly high-class look, it fitted the rich and royal living in the castle.
The light red and white bricks that made up the boundary of the castle, made the already sturdy castle look even safer.
The luscious green lake contrasted the high class look of the castle with the natural green look reflected off the greenery surrounding the castle. The castle reflected over the green lake.
With everything I saw, it truly makes me wonder, who lives here?

Narrative description of Castles 1 & 2

Castle 1

The once bustling castle now stood abandoned. three hundred years ago, this used to be the ballroom where nobility flocked to from all over the kingdom, a chattering market of conversation, and the pride of the people of Eggland. Now, the castle stays tranquil, and the only people who go there are tourists, historians and the groundskeeper.

Castle 2

The prominent blue cone above the white towers looked majestic in the setting sun. The mountaintop castle had stood for hundreds of years, been the home of many a lord, and witness to many a tragedy. A winding path leads up the mountain to the door of the castle, and at the other end of the path stood a destroyed bridge. The bridge had been torn down to halt the army of the Purples, by cutting it off from the Kingdom of Gorillas. Not for long...

Picture A

Dark clouds were rolling in. The roaring of the thunder reverberated in the air. Trees rustled vigourously in the wind as though the tree branches were going to snap anytime. Soon, big droplets of water could be heard hitting against the window sills of the grand, majestic, sturdy white castle that was build on bricks so strong it seemed impregnable. Ripples were created on the once calm stream flowing around the castle as many rain droplets shower into the stream. In contrary, it was not stormy in the castle. Many lords and their wives joined the King and the Queen for a meal at the long dining table. Chatters and laughter filled the dining hall as the knights and lords talked over glasses of fine wine. The dining hall was well lit with two big chandeliers hanging overhead. All at once, “Snap!” The dining hall became eerily silent. Then, everything went black……

Scenery Introduction - Roy

As it approached the castle of Pavalon, where the High King Artus governed the Archipelago of Dreams, Samaranth, the Oldest Dragon alive flew gracefully and swiftly towards the old steady castle of stone, wondering what did the descendent of King Arthur want with her. As Samaranth got closer to the castle, many of its historic features were in view of the magnificent beast's eyes.
Memories of the war against Mordred, the Winter King, were represented by the castle's rebuilt towers, repainted with their brand-new shine of youth. However, even with their new appearance, Samaranth could recall the angry protesters all commanded by Mordred vividly in her ever-aging mind. All wielding swords, axe and many other weapon of war, the protesters used weapons and fire to create destruction that Samaranth would never forget. Swords clashed and spears stabbed, the violent scene of blood and destruction seemed fresh in her memory, only until she stood side by side with King Arthur, did the men stop fighting to respect King Arthur as he commanded the all-mighty force of the dragon Samaranth. With scales shining brighter than biggest star and wings that stretched nearly from one side of the castle to the other, King Arthur's enemies admired Samaranth's image of power and fear its power and potential destruction, helping King Arthur to regain peace in the Archipelago of Dreams.
However, all that was years ago, now her body still continues to age, her image of strength was shattering, now not many fear her for her kind and peace-loving nature, making her less of a threat she was before.

Roy & Jeremy's Pixton Comic Script Part 2

This is my version of the script, it is about a conversation between someone and his 'future' self.

Pixton Comics - Norul and Millie

Conversation between parent and teacher about child's performance in school

Picture B - Millie

High up in the mountains stood a sturdy castle. The castle was cloaked beautifully in white. The roof tops showed off its majestic colour to the Earth. Yet, I knew, splashes of burnt spots lay beneath those magical colours. Blazing rays shot out from behind the castle as it wrapped itself in the Sun's warmth. Leading to the magnificent one was a long stretch of road - a broken path, filled with uncountable number of cracks. The view was perfect. It had been a long time. I stood at the edge of the path with my hands in my pocket. Cloudy images of the past became clearer and clearer. Ear - piercing screams could be heard. Burning flames were everywhere as the path burst into pieces. I was brought back to that day. That very day that took my happiness away. I gritted my teeth. That guy who ruined everything was going down. I clenched my fists.

Jeremy & Roy comic 1

Roy will post the second one later. (Please read)

Jun Hui and Wei Kang

This, of course, is a Pixton comic.

Setting (Kimberly)

Picture A: Image of a Beautiful Castle

In the majestic castle situated in the centre of the country, lived the royalties. It was a grand place, certainly it was like heaven to lived in there. You could imagined that the moment they opened their eyes in the morning, they could hear the birds chirping, smell the fragrance of the roses grew in the Royal Garden. In the noon, they could hear the laughters of the young princes and princesses playing while they strolled along the lake in joy. On the top of the highest tower of the castle, it was romantic with the perfect view of the sunset. A young girl with a beautiful name - Ellena desired to live in the elegant castle, to enjoy the wonderful time she would have had in the beautiful castle. However, not all would have the chance to have this memorable experience. The castle, with high security, did not welcomed any peasants. The guards did not even allow any unauthorized personnels to come near it. Ellena, born in a poor family, could only stared at it from far, imaging herself living in it. What could she do to get to stay in that enormous castle?

Picture B: Image of a Castle set on a Hill Top.

The ancient castle was up on the high mountains, isolated from the modern world. The only way up was to travel up the long winding road, that wold take hours and hours. Even if anyone bothered to climb up the mountains, they could not. The path was broken. The gap was too huge for anyone to jump across. Anyone who attempted was fed to the crocodile-like monsters living in the lake below. The crocodile-like monsters ate humans with their bones, you could hear the bone crunching when they bit. The castle was once a part of the great kingdom, the place where the royal family stayed. But now, not a single soul could be found there. The only occupant was the spiders, filling up the emptiness with cobweb. Who will be the next man to find his way here to explore the uncovered?

The castle from Disney

The sunset was beautiful.
The sun's brught and brilliant rays start to slowly fade away, leaving a array of colour gradients ranging from blue to orange to red, it was just the right combination, it filled the sky and signified the coming of night. There was huge mountain that was nice brown colour and on top of it stood a castle, from the bottom it seemed high and mighty. It was solid and sturdy, made to endure heavy winds and storms. It had a blue roof which matched the white colour of the castle and gave it a majestic look, fit for royalty. Who lives in this fantastic castle? We will find out soon.

Pixton Comic

This is the comic strip done by me (Kimberly) and Denise.


The sun was slowly disappearing down the horizon, basking the earth in its gentle rays. A beautiful hue of colours filled the sky as darkness was soon setting in. There stood on the summit of a mountain a sturdy snowy white castle with its sleek and grand blue roof. A gentle breeze blew towards me, soft, and comfortable. My silky black hair flew in the wind as I sat in the balcony of the castle looking at the magnificent view of the landscape from my room in the castle. I would not have the chance of having this view in my hometown. Recently, my family had received an invitation letter from my step uncle to his daughter’s wedding. Upon reading the letter, my father gladly agreed. So, that explains the reason for my presence in this gigantic castle compared to my small home a few kilometers away from here. I could hear my family and my step uncle’s family chatting happily a floor below. Out of the blue, a ear-piercing scream escaped into the air…...

Pixton by Qi Ren and Arthur

What the title said.

Please Do NOT Read.

This comic is done by Helene and Matthew.

The castle?...

Far above the ground, there still a castle... Or was it not one?... It looked ancient and looks ready to fall... White and towering, it stood there on the mountain. BoomZ... Thunder strike across the sky, darkness filled the area of the castle. Just then, a scream pierced through the air followed by a laughter. What was that? Curiosity urged me to moved on, towards the castle even though my heart told me not to do it... I never knew that the entire event of tonight, could change my life forever... ...

Read my comic!!!


The sky was splashed with colours, brilliant red and blue. The sun slowly crept down. Its rays shone brightly on the castle with sat on the mountain. The castle was painted pure white with a blue roof. It stood magnificently on the top of the mountain. It was the only thing to be seen, besides the hills, for miles and miles. The road was winding up and up and up before you reached the tower. It was thought to be a hinderance for outsiders. The owner did not like to be disturbed. The sun went down. The Castle was surrounded in darkness.

Pixton Comic - Conversation between Human and Machine


-Pasakorn & Ilya


On the hills far far away, there stood a glorious castle. It was painted pure white. There lived a king named Hades and a queen named Shana. They met each other on the sun. The sun god, Apollo, invited them to eat dinner there. Ever since then, they could not keep their eyes off each other. They love their beloved land as much as they loved each other. Unfortunately, their land was going to be invaded by Izack's soldiers. It was going to be the biggest war in history. Therefore, King Hades and Queen Shana sent Captain Royz to train all their soldiers.

Scenery Castle On A Mountain

It was good to be home.
The castle stood high upon the sturdy mountain of a thousand years, with its windy roads obvious upon the scenery. The castle was a shade of white, as pure as the pearls from the southern seas, on top of each tower was a turret which reflected the blue of sapphires from the king's treasury.
The sky was dyed a myriad of rainbow colors, illuminating the twilight, making it seem like a dream in which everything was perfect.
Arthur inhaled a breath of fresh mountain air, the very one purified with the lilies and all sorts of exotic plants which have been planted along the mountainside.
"Ahhhh, this is perfect, it feels so good to be home." Arthur exhaled as he talked to his Captain Roy.

Setting - Helene

Long, long ago, in a faraway land, there was a castle that stood on the edge of the hill, looking as if it may fall any moment. It was such an ancient castle that even the roads leading to it had collapsed. Rumour had it that there was an extremely valuable treasure in the castle, and whoever got it could sell it for millions. However, many tried and failed, just because of the one obstacle of the broken roads leading to the castle......


The bright sun sets over King Arthur's beautiful white castle on the mountain. The path to his castle from the town has been cut off due to the recent attacks from the fire-breathing dragon that has been terrorizing the King's land. The sky, in an array of colour, stands out from the rest of the barren land around the King's castle. Something has to be done to improve the condition of the land and bring it back to it's original green and peaceful state.

the weird rainbow castle

trotting down the spirally path of the ancient castle, the brave night almost immediately came across the first obstacle, the giant trench pit blasted right in the middle by a couple of catapults.
He turned back to look back as the sun was slowly falling to the settings of dusk. the castle towers was white which were topped with ocean blue pointy peaks. the castle stood atop the great mounty frosty, amid the craggy brown rocks that surrounded it, the castle which it loved so, the castle in which he might never come back to...

wei kang :p

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It was simply a killer. Looking at this magnificent scene where the sun set had became an old man. Slowly edging toward the other side of the world. Leaving behind a orange rosy sky. It just seem too yellow to be red... Wait, a mixture it shall be where golden was formed... Gold, what a evil thing and colour, it was hard to believe the facts that it actually happened. Gold… This colour which had only left behind sad memories… I could not help when tears streamed down my face as I recalled the event that had led to this day. This day where I had made this decision... with the consequence of being left alone... as lonely as this big tree...

Scenery Description - Pasakorn

In the basking light of the large warm son, a lone tree stood out. Bare branches combined with the glow of the orange ball made the tree look scary. Reminds me of Halloween.

Scenery Introduction - Kimberly

The sun was setting and the day would soon ended. It was a beautiful sight indeed. I bet this is my last time being here, admiring it. I wished hard that the time was stopped, though I knew it is impossible. The time I had left was not much. The oak tree swayed from side to side, following the rhythm of the wind. It was planted by my dad, who left us a few years ago. He was always in my heart. God had made the decision to allow me to join him soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Short sentence on scenery - Hakeem

The Sun was setting, and I could see the sun set. What a beautiful sight that was. So, nice. So breathtaking. So calming. The sun set was one way of enjoying the beauty of nature. It was really something all of us should see.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

It was an opportunity of a lifetime.The scenery was breathtaking and was what I needed after escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life.The whole place was bathed in a tangerine glow as the sun sank into a bank of clouds.An fig tree that was swaying from side to side reminded me of the times as a kid when I used to climb these fig trees and sit up there when I was troubled.I started making my way to the fig tree and made my first step,admiring the beautiful sunset at the same time.

Scenery Introduction - Millie

I was bathed in its warm, orange glow as the wind gently brushed against my cheeks. As the golden ball of fire descended from the sky, its burning flames were slowly dying out. The tree branches swayed to the rhythm of the breeze as it said goodbye to its caramel colored friend. I closed my eyes and inhaled the crisp, fresh air. Time stopped. I heard the nature's voice, every bit of it. The trees, the grass, the sky, the Sun. Slowly opening my eyes, I glanced at the breath taking view as tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably. This would be the last day. I hope to remember this view, forever.

Scenery - Helene

The scene was breathtakingly beautiful. There was an orange glow that was fading fast as the sun sank rapidly in the horizon. In the reflection of the lake, the aged oak tree could be seen hanging, its withering branches spread like a web. They seemed to be reaching out to the sun, intent on stealing its beauty, before twilight arrived. Lurking shadows all around turned the magical fantasy into an eerie nightmare.

Description of scenery-Denise Lim

It was tranquil. That was exactly the reason why I chose to come to this place. To sort out all my thoughts quietly. I had to escaped the hustle and bustle of the city life and rewind a little to straighten everything that was in my heavy head. The sky was painted a dark orange as the setting sun slowly disappeared and vanished behind the tall mountains. An oak tree was situated at the heart of this peaceful place. It swayed from side to side, following the rhythm of the wind, causing the leaves of the oak tree to rustle. I dipped my feet by the cool and gentle lake. It caused ripples of tiny waves to appear. The reason I was born was to help save my sister, but I was tired of doing it...

Scenery introduction- Jeremy

The sun was slowly setting, casting an orange glow over the horizon. The rays of the sun cast long shadows of people and trees. Darkness followed after the sun set, with the only lights coming from the moon, stars, and lamps. People watching the beautiful scene were amazed as the whole thing happened. It was a breathtaking sight.


The sun set, forming a beautiful rosy hue reflecting on the lake, this truly was a beautiful scene. The setting sun cast a beautiful shadow of the tree on the lake, creating a nice orange black contrast. As I looked into the wonderful sunset, those tearful memories of my past come flooding back to me, and I can’t help but think about that incident. Tears rolled down my cheeks even though I tried holding them back, and before I knew it I was a teenager.

Scenery Introduction - Jun Hui

Twilight was fast apporaching, the last rays of light showing a myraid of colour which illuminated the mountains. An aged gnarled tree stood basking the rays of the dying sun. Its withered branches crept out from the tree itself, casting eerie shadows over the ground, seemingly tryying to pull itself away from where it was. The sky kept darkening, the sun vanishing, and eventually the tree reflected the colour of the sky, a dark black. The sun had done its job for that day, and would return only after the moon had graciously given up its place.

Description of Scenery - Serene

There was a magical feeling in the air. The colours splashed in every corner. The magnificent rays of the Sun lit up the sky as if it were on fire. It was a breathtaking sight. The autumn leaves previously swept were dancing in the wind. The wind died down and the leaves gently fell to the ground. The Sun slowly but surely went down. The beam from the Sun glanced once more upon the magnificent scenery and then disappeared leaving the world in darkness.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scenery Introduction - Roy

As the sun started to creep down to the mountains, a beautiful array of orange and red light shot out of the blazing ball of flame, replacing the warm yellow sunlight. Staring at that beautiful scenery was the old gnarled oak tree, awaiting its eventual collapse. The oak tree seemed to be jealous of the sun’s beauty, with its many branches spread out, as though wanting to block out all sunlight. Its old decomposing bark seemed like they might fall out at any moment as the sun crept away, leaving the world in the temporally darkness of night, only to reappear at dawn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Short sentence

“ SCREECH!!!!!” that sound pierced ears as the speeding blue car braked to avoid the young woman and her pram who was crossing the road.
Arthur, Ilya and Pasakorn

Short sentence

The blue car, which was speeding towards the innocent-looking lady with her pram. The driver immediately jammed braked even as the lady looked as is she was about to faint.

short sentence

the lady with the pram stepped on the road. the blue car, accelerating, braked, and screeched, swerving to avoid her.

- helene and mitchel

Shortern Sentence

The speeding blue car screeched to an abrupt halt. The driver hit the brakes to avoid the woman who was pushing the pram into the road.

Serene and Fatin :)

Beauty and the Beast

Long ago, there was a handsome man who was a wizard. He was a great wizard but was one who practice dark magic. One particular dark magic, which was essential to reach his goal, had made him become abandon his heart. He will be immortal but if he was turned into something else,like an animals, he will lose this ability… Using the instruction for that dark magic, he dug out his heart and threw it into a dark chest, locked with more dark magic and locks. Because of the lost of heart, he never had any feelings for anything, anyone. His fellow villages teased him for not being able to attract any woman. But soon, he decided to find a woman as he required a lady's heart. One that was so stunning that all the man will go mad over her, one that is as rich as him, someone who could match up to his reputation. Such a particular woman should had caused anyone to find for over a thousand years. But lady luck was on his side. The next day he promised to find such a woman, one such woman came into town.

Shorten Sentence.

The speeding blue car screeched to a stop as the driver tried to avoid both mother and child, who stepped unto the road.

Jun Hui And Wei Kang

Shorter Sentences

The speeding blue car came to a sudden halt just as the young woman with the pram brushed against the headlights.

Millie, Kimberly, Denise

Beauty and teh beast, by hakeem

The prince was so, so evil. So full of evil. A black heart. The fairy, the magical fairy, was trapped out. She was angry at the prince. She felt eternal hatred for him. The prince was standing at the gate, still refusing. She, after not being allowed to enter the castle, muttered something under her breath. She took one last look at him, his handsome face and all, before she cast the spell. She had shown him no mercy, for she had casted the most powerful spell she had. Nylon had changed. He was no longer who he was...

Hakeem (M H)

Techno Donner Family - Pasakorn ภาสกร

My Belle.

Belle, or Belle Donner.

Don’t confuse that with belladonna.

She has such a sweet voice. She would sing in the gardens with the birds chirping with her every morning.

Only when I was broke, did I appreciate the company of Belle.

Before I left home, I spoke to my 3 daughters.

“I’m going away for quite some time, what would you like as a gift when I get back?”

My 2 eldest daughters cried, “An iPhone!” “A MacBook!”

Belle just sang,

“I’d like a bunch of roses, please.

“None ever grows in our garden.

“But a ring would be nice,

“With a big diamond on top.”

I left, promising those useless gifts.

Although I quite like the roses Bella used to grow.

Beauty and the Beast-Mitchel

'It is time!'exclaimed the Beast.The girl of his dreams had been caught by the King that had once been his father;that is after he disowned him.The King had forbidden the Beast to be with the girl of his dreams.Even after confiscating his PAL-V and all his electronic devices,he still continued to see the girl.The idea of killing the girl was given by the King's adviser.As the sword sliced through the air,the beast ran as fast as he could and made a last leap with all his strength,hoping that the worst had not happened.

Beauty & the Beast - Kimberly

“ What an ugly girl you are!” screamed the Beast. Belle was forced to enter the castle as her evil father forced her to enter the castle for the sake of his life. The evil father had abused her, causing Belle to have bruises all over her face. Belle cried as she made her way to the castle. As Beast opened the door, the girl with swollen eyes and swollen face, who was terribly unpleasant to look at was rebuked by the Beast “I will never fall in love with such an ugly looking person!” stated the Beast. Belle was down, hoping that she was be comforted by the Beast, the only person or rather living thing there. Belle found Beast surprisingly charming and manly. It was love at first sight...

B&B yifan

Beast was walking in orchard road one day, when he saw a good looking young woman, he was going round looking for workers for his new beauty salon, named- The beastly Beauty. “This is the person I am looking for!” best exclaimed as a plan to “subdue” her floated into his mind. He stalked her all the way home and took down the address on his iPhone.

Beauty and the Beast - Jeremy

There was once a prince who was very generous. He helped many people and his people liked him a lot. Not a single person hated him. Then there was a witch who hated kind people, so she cursed the prince and turned him into an ugly, huge beast. She told him that the curse could only be lifted if she could get a person to really hate him. If he does not get anyone to hate him before the rose she gave him bloomed, he will be stuck as a beast forever...

Beauty and the Beast, Serene

“When will I be rescued from this wretched place?” thought the Beast. “I have been here for days and months, and months and days! I hate this place!” The Beast had a foul temper and this worsened after time. Belle refusing him only angers him further. She talk of a charming prince not knowing about the truth…

Beauty and the Beast - Fatin

“Sigh, I have been waiting so long, when will I get to meet my prince charming?” Bella mumbled to herself. She was alone and cold in that dark room. She did not want to be locked in her room anymore. The only way she could leave her room if a kind soul were to rescue her out. She did not know that there was a beast that soon would be saving her from her misery.

Fat and Ugly - Reuven

"Thief! Be merciful. I will let you off, and I will also give you the hand of my beautiful daughter! Be grateful!" The fat pompous shopowner shouted at his chained prisoner. The prisoner seemed shocked. He had been caught for stealing, and the sentence was usually death. Not only was he being let off, he was going to get a lord's daughter as his wife. He was like, the ugliest man in town, and his luck has always been down. The man instantly agreed and thanked his new father-in-law. "DADDY! ME HUNGRY!!!" The door shattered open as a huge figure appeared. "OMG!!!" The prisoner gawked, SCREAMED, and fainted.

Beauty and the Beast, Ilya

‘Sigh… How I wish she could be mine…’ said Artie as he looked at Helen… The most beautiful girl in the whole of SST, The School of Super Teens. Now Helen barely even notices Artie. Maybe it’s because he became a Super Geek. Artie now spends his whole day on his LemonLappie, his laptop. It was only a week ago when one of his more, Super Athletic friends, Royce invited him to his house. They talked and talked as they ran side-by-side on Roy’s track. Arthur started talking about Helen. Then, he was Super Popular. Royce, who actually also liked Helen, gave Artie a pair of golden Adasdi shoes. "Wear these. They will make Helen like you. However, they will turn you into a Super Geek if you do not get her within a week. Good luck' Roy said as he ran away as fast as he could. Royce never talked to Artie again...

Beauty and the Beast, Helene

I tried to help her. I am usually kindhearted, and I always gave refuge to beggars like this one at my door. Everyone said I was selfish, but in fact I wasn't. It was my twin brother that was selfish. I do not know how many beggars he had turned away. I always wondered how he was so unkind. Just as I let her in, my brother came along, and pushed her out. She shouted some words, and in her haste, she casted her spell on the wrong brother – me.

Beauty and the Beast - Millie

What they said was fake, it was never true. I never did cast a spell on the Prince. Why would I do such a silly thing just because he refused to let me in from the rain. My powers have their limit too. He turned into an ugly beast was because Boss was shooting lightning spells around, accidentally causing the Prince to become an ugly beast. After the spell was broken, he went around announcing it was MY fault that made him ugly. None of that was true! He said that only because he did not know how to explain it to Belle and that silly girl believed him! Besides, Belle would never have met the Prince if not for me! That Prince ought to thank me.

Beauty and the Beast-Denise

Time was running out..the sand was going to swallow her whole right in front of his eyes. He had to make the decision now or else she would be sacrificed. His long lost love would die. How he wished he was able to take down that wicked goblin all by himself, then all of these could return back to normal. Unfortunately, helpless was he as the goblin had put a curse on him. One way was to let the sand in the sand glass flow to the bottom and cover the princess till she suffocates to death. The other way was to throw the rock in his hairy animal-like hand towards the sand glass, to break the glass to save his love. Then he would have to die...

Beauty and the Beast, Isaac

Curse that witch! I gave her food and wine and she still nastily turned me into a beast!!! All I wanted to do was be friendly and kind but that nasty witch used her powers to turn everyone against me!!!--- or so I've heard. Even when I offered him shelter and food, that old fool even spread rumors about me! No matter, I will have revenge through his daughter

Beauty and the beast-Matthew

The witch was evil. So was the price, and they hated each other. They fought, and the witch turned the bring into an ugly beast. That was a huge mistake. The spell backfired and the beast was now strong enough to kill the witch.

After the beast killed the witch, he devoured her and hid in her house attacking anything that came near the deserted house.

Beauty and the Bald- Arthur Lee

"Tale as old as birth
False as it can be
far from being friends
Then somebody bends

Just a massive change
Big, to say the least
Both really scared
Not at all prepared
Beauty and the Bald"

The music was playing as the beautiful french la Belle and the bald, 40 year old Peter danced to it. They were horrible dancers and kept on stepping on each others feet, some would say that this was on purpose. They were only dancing so that the curse would be lifted. 40 year old Peter hired la Belle to dance with him to get rid of the curse. " Until you get a beautiful woman to dance with you, you will forever be bald, bwahaha!! Ahhhh, but there's a catch that person must dance with you because she wants to." " The curse should be lifted by now, why isn't my hair growing back!!" Peter said. La Belle just kept quiet,she did not say a thing.

beauty and the beast wei kang

"Bleh! I created you, therefore obey!" roared the beast as he towered over her.
" sir" squeaked beauty as she scrambled to broom and started to sweep the floor, still shivering as she started at the whip clutched in the ugly brutes fist.
"humph, useless" and before he left, he whipped beauty again just out of mockery. As the door slammed shut, beauty immediately threw down the broom in disgust and stared out of the window, one word flashed through her mind- freedom.

Beauty And The Beast. Jun Hui

A fine woman she was, her black lustrous hair, she moved with the grace of a swan, and many would die for just her beauty. Which was just as well, as her only visible flaw was that she had a temper that no one could extinguish. He was ugly, moved like a sloth, many hated him, yet he had a kindness, such a pure kindness. How would these two’s destinies cross each other and what role would they play in the other's life?

Introduction of Beauty & the Beast by Roy

A woman she was, as beautiful as any woman her age or any young, with long flowing hair, she trapped the Beast of the Castle with her minions, little spiny reptiles with wings of darkness and lungs of flame. "You dare to defeat me?! You shall be cursed to be forever having hair of snakes! No one shall ever approach you again!" The Beast shouted in rage and anger. Being a creature of the darkness, the Beast conjured out a spell from ancient times, turning the woman into a Gorgon, with her now-snake-like hair, she turned the dying Beast into stone, leaving the castle inside a gigantic sphere of the darkness. The Gorgon could not leave, but now has to stay in the castle waiting, waiting for someone to enter to try to help her, but will turn into stone, only until the Gorgon dies, will the Beast's curse on the castle will end.