Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (104 Helene Tan)

The focus of the image is the children who are talking to each other, as they are the closest to the camera, and are not blurred. The characters have smiles plastered onto their faces, and some of the boys are shirtless. There are two children sleeping on the floor, which leads me to think that the family is poor. I think the story that lies behind the image is about a poor family, but they are still happy as they have each other. I think this is so as the family is poor, but they are smiling, with happy looks on their faces, perhaps talking about a funny happening in the day. The photographer may be trying to say that happiness is reachable everywhere, and that we should not let something like poverty dampen our spirits. I like that the people in the picture are smiling, and it is easy to see the expressions of the faces. If I were the photographer, I would have taken the picture from a different angle, so that the background would not be so distracting.

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  1. Based on the first thirty-six seconds of the video, pronunciation
    & articulation were generally accurate and clear. To improve this, Helene could said it with more variation of pitch and tone for more expressive effect. Well done :D