Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Arthur Lee Ying Kiu)

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Picture 2a
This picture shows how the rich extremes come together with the poor extremes, and some of the conflict of the two. They both fit in a small alley where they cannot properly do their own things, the poor coolie carrying the passengers to make a living seems to be obstructing the way of the man in the motorcycle. It would be interesting to find out what will happen when they are about to collide, who will give way to the other? If the man in the motorcycle gives way to coolie, perhaps there is not that much social differences after all. 
There is a clear divide between the person on the motorcycle who is on the rich side and the poor coolie who is on the poor side. On the rich side, we can see that this man is luckier as he was more well off than the coolie, being able to afford a motorcycle and is with the luxury cars on the left of the picture. On the poor side, the coolie is not as well off and has to resort to earning a living by carrying passengers around which is back breaking labor and is with the wet and poorer feel of the right side of the picture. This shows some of the social gaps and differences in the community of the place, the rich can be really rich while the poor can be really poor and the gap between them can be even bigger.  


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  2. Hi, you read the passage with a clear articulation, although with occasional errors. You read fluently, with the appropriate rhythm. You read with different tones and convey feelings in the passage clearly. Overall, good job.