Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Chua Yue Hian, Roy)

I apologise for any and every outside noise for my sister and cousin were arguing at around the same time and are making a lot of noise.

Picture 2(b)
The focus of the image is the mother and her child sleeping on a big blanket on the dirt street. This is so as they are the only human characters being portrayed in the image.

Both mother and child are facing the background, so as to ignore noise, that would disturb their sleep. In front of the mother, is a metal wire frame, with many cloths and towels being hung up. These clothes and towels might be the mother’s laundry, being hung up to dry. Behind the metal frame is a hill of dirty clothes, piled up to around waist height. There is also a pile of relatively clean clothes on the right side of the image, that is being covered by a huge brown cloth, so as to prevent the clothes underneath to get hit by anymore dirt.

I think that the image is trying to show us part of the daily lives of single mothers taking care of a child in poverty. I believe this is so for the photographer did not include any evidence that there might be a father helping to look after the child. If the mother were to be a woman of much wealth, she would not be sleeping on the streets with only a blanket and a pillow to be her entire bed.

I think that the photographer is trying to tell us that poverty is not to be ignored and we have to treasure what we have now for there are people more worse off than us.

The only thing I dislike about the image is that there is a hand sticking out of the left side of the image. If I was the photographer, I would have waited for the person whose hand is in the image to walk past before taking the picture.

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  1. Pronunciation and Articulation: Band 2
    Rhythm & Fluency: Band 2
    Expressiveness: Band 2

    The pronunciation seems okay but it seems like your voice is a bit monotonous even though it is evident that trying to prevent that. The rhythm and stress is correct but it feels a little awkward, this applies to the expressiveness as well, it seems correct but still a little awkward. I believe that you need to be more natural which is your main problem.