Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem- Toa, Heroes of the Bionicle

Metal clanks as they move their hands
as their weapons ignite with fires alike
as one, they strike with the swiftness of lightning
making the opponent see no point in fighting
many will ask and most will say "who?"
but for those who know, they fear the name "Tahu"

They're cold as ice, with their lifeless eyes
their frosty glare, their motionless stare
with a touch of frost on every blade
provoking one will seal your fate
the silent strikers, with eyes dark as tar
the cold-blooded beings called "Kopaka"

Fire which melts, Ice, that freezes
Stuck together, as Toa brothers
that is the code, to all Toa who stand
against the Evil, who covets the land

(Was asked to post by Mrs. Nair)

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