Thursday, August 12, 2010

if there are unexpected pauses, it is because I had a little breathing difficulty on that day

The full video is 1mins 10s long, so if the video hangs, won't load, is suddenly shortened, you may click this link:

Anyways, here is the script

I feel that the focus of this image is that the old man which still has to ferry passengers for a living despite his age is blocking the route of the progress of the rich of the society who can afford motorised vehicles. The main character is the old man and the setting is that of a busy street. I think that the story is that since the different modes of transports of the rich and the poor move at different paces, the poor of the community might be a problem to it in the future by literally slowing or halting the process of which the community progresses as depicted in this picture. I think that the message the photographer is trying to convey is that there is still financial disparity in the community and that it is gradually becoming a problem. I like the photo as it informs us that such problems still exist. I do not wish to make any changes to the photograph as it already displays the financial disparity between the rich and the poor and any changes might blur the message.

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