Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-04: Pasakorn Konwohrachet)

The image focuses on a family of a mother and her three children as it prominently shows them smiling at each other and having a good time talking and chatting.

Two boys are seated and are observing their surroundings, with happy faces. A woman, their mother, is observing them and smiling, contented that her sons are reasonably happy. A baby, one that cannot be more than 3 years old, smiles at one of the boys.

It could be possible that the day was sunny after a few days of rain, and the boys were happy they would not have to get wet, or that they enjoyed looking at people around. It could also be possible that there is more company than usual in that area.

We should always cherish what we have. In the photo, it is prominently seen that the family was happy, even though they were living beside a street. Taking that as an example, we should be happy, even though we may not always get whatever we want.

The image shows too much the main characters and too little on the surroundings. If I were the photographer, I would actually walk out of the picture or zoom out and take them with the setting of the photo.

-Picture 2(c)

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