Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem of a life in school

Here is my poem which we were supposed to do for Jun Holidays.
Mrs Nair ask me to post.
Here it is:

Everything I wake up and go to school.
Trying not to sleep in the bus and drool.
When I reach school, a very huge place,
It kinds of leave me in a daze.

Students dashing about in all directions
Some trying to do some funny actions
Teachers all something their heads off,
All ending up with a really bad cough.

Around the corridors some students lurk,
Trying to ask people to let them copy their homework.
“Ding Dong!” It’s assembly time,
Everyone rushes as the ding-dong bells chime

Frantic students run in late
As fast as a pair of speeding skates
This is typical day at school,
I still think it’s kind of cool.

Jun Hui

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  1. I like the poems that everybody has posted. What about the rest of you?