Thursday, August 12, 2010

HomELearning Activity 2 (S104: 02 Fatin Zafirah)

Image two c shows four people resting in a hut. They are very happy though they look very poor. They live in a very small hut which is not a very good shelter. I think that we living in Singapore should be very grateful because we do not live in conditions like this. However, many of us take granted of the luxury that we have. We live in home better than this but we still are not close to our family. I am sure that many of the citizens of this country live like this. I like this picture because it shows happiness. Also, it makes me realize how fortunate we are in Singapore. However, I dislike this picture because it makes me upset. It shows how difficult other people in other countries are. I wish we could help them somehow. I would like to build them a proper home if I were given a chance.

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  1. You pronounced your words clearly, however you have to speak a little louder. If you are soft, even though you pronounced the words clearly, it may seem that you do not pronounce them clearly. Your rhythm and fluency is ok, but you have to be more expressive.