Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (104: Millie Thng)

The focus in the image is on the group of citizens, probably a family, chatting happily among themselves. I know that as the picture captures the expressions of each individual clearly.
A happy family is seated down, chatting excitedly among themselves. They appear to be poor, as two of the children are sleeping on the cold, hard floor. It seemed that that was their home. A small, confined place. A toddler is sitting upon a small hammock, seemingly cheerful. Although poor, the family is still happy as long as they are together as one.
It is probably a period of harsh times, where it is important to stay together as a family. Perhaps the dark period is going to be over, so the family is excited and happy. Perhaps the family members have learnt to appreciate each other after the event.
The photographer is probably trying to convey the message that it doesn't matter whether we are poor or not, as long as we stay together as a happy family.
I like the fact that the image captured the expressions on each individual clearly. If  I were the photographer, I would take the picture at a different angle such that it would eliminate the background.

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  1. i think that your video is very detailed. also, i like that you think about what may be happening in the picture, instead of just observing the picture in itself.