Thursday, August 12, 2010

The focus of the picture is about a family who is happy and are chatting among themselves. I can see this and know it through the smiles on their faces.

There are four people in the picture, three boys and a woman, probably their mother. Two of the boys are topless and one of the boys is wearing the shirt. The boys are thin to the bone, indicating that they are very poor. The surroundings look very cluttered, as if as they are crammed into a very small space. It also looks very untidy, but the boys and their mother do not mind.

I think that the story behind this picture is derived from the happy looks over everyone, even though they are living in a slum. I think the writer is trying to tell us that even though one is poor, it does not mean that one cannot enjoy life and be happy, that money is not everything.

If I were the photographer, I would have zoomed in a little bit more, to capture the boys' expressions, and to lessen the background, but make it still visible that they are living in a slum

I edited a bit when I was speaking, do not be surprised if what I said was different from the script. Thanks.

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