Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hom(EL)earning activity 2 (S1-04 Tshin Qi Ren)

The focus of the picture is the poor man pulling the rickshaw as the surrounding mode of transport are taxi, motorcycles but then only the poor man is pulling a rickshaw. This shows the poor and the rich differences between the mode of transport and the way to earn money. The old man looked very tired and dirty as he trudged along the road. He must have had a long and tiring day bringing customers to and fro based on his own legs and arm strength. Taxi filled the road as there seemed to be a jam. 2 customers sat on the rickshaw looking at the poor man. They might have took pity on him and decided to take a rickshaw ride instead of taking taxi. I think that the messages are all about the poor and the rich. Showing us the poor and the rich about the reality of our lives. How cruel the world is when some are so rich they could afford a mansion while some are so poor they cannot even fill their stomach 3 times a day, I think that the photographer is trying to tell us to be generous to feel the poor's poorness and so we will learn to be more conservative and also be kind so next time when we meet a beggar or someone old and poor, we will be generous and kind enough to give him some extra money we had. The only problem with this picture is that the details of the pictures are not detailed enough. I could not see clearly if the 2 passengers are angry or pitiful about the poor man. I would choose to take a picture which shows a better clearer view of the man's sufferings. so as to emphasize the differences between the rich and the poor.

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  1. Your pronunciation and enunciation are a bit unclear. "Th" sounds are not clearly read out, and hence makes the word starts with "t". Speed is inconsistent. Some parts are fast and slow, not depending on the mood of the text. There is enough expression, but could be improved.