Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homElearning activity 2 (S1-04 Denise Lim)

homElearning activity 1

The focuses of this image are the two people sleeping on a cloth and the clothes that are hung and placed around them. The photographer had taken this photo to show the living conditions of the people. Hence, I think the focuses of this photo are the people and the clothes, since they stand out in the photo.

It was daylight. Spread across the hard and cold floor is a thin sheet of cloth. Lying on top of this sheet of cloth is an adult and a child who are fast asleep. They seemed like they have not slept for days. The duo seemed like they are poor and homeless as the child is not in school. The clothes that they wear look old and dirty. However, they do not seem like they are too particular with hygiene and cleanliness. A variation of clothes ranging in sizes and colours are arranged haphazardly around them. 

I think the story that lies behind this image is to show people that poverty is widespread in the world. Many people are facing poverty and they do not have a proper home to live in.

I think the message that the photographer is seeking to convey through the image is to remind those who are more fortunate to cherish the things that they have and not take the things that they have for granted.

I like the way the photographer had taken the photograph as it made the people and the clothes stand out in the photograph. If I were the photographer, I would have taken a photo of the people in the front view and zoom out to take a picture of the "house" that they live in.

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