Thursday, July 29, 2010

Castle desctiptions

Castle 1
The majestic castle stood in front of a lake, surrounded by lush greenery. All tourists and passers-by who saw the castle always had the same few comments- grand, beautiful, and magnificent. However, only the exterior was beautiful. In the castle, servants were all displeased with the living conditions. They were forced to work or be killed, and the interior of castle were all perfectly furnished and beautiful, except for the servant's living quarters. They were all filthy and cramped. Only where the king frequently went about at were nicely done up.

Castle 2
Located far far away, there was a dilapidated castle. The roof and framework of the castle looked like it was about to collapse, and it was enough to make people think it is haunted. In there, there lived a crazy king. He would do stuff which were considered crazy to normal people. So, he was feared by almost everyone in the country because of his madness, so his castle was located far from any other residence, and up a tall hill. There was a long winding road leading to the city area from the castle, but it took weeks to arrive there.

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