Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture A

Dark clouds were rolling in. The roaring of the thunder reverberated in the air. Trees rustled vigourously in the wind as though the tree branches were going to snap anytime. Soon, big droplets of water could be heard hitting against the window sills of the grand, majestic, sturdy white castle that was build on bricks so strong it seemed impregnable. Ripples were created on the once calm stream flowing around the castle as many rain droplets shower into the stream. In contrary, it was not stormy in the castle. Many lords and their wives joined the King and the Queen for a meal at the long dining table. Chatters and laughter filled the dining hall as the knights and lords talked over glasses of fine wine. The dining hall was well lit with two big chandeliers hanging overhead. All at once, “Snap!” The dining hall became eerily silent. Then, everything went black……

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