Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Descriptions of Picture B - Roy

Once being a man of power and command, the king of the castle grew mad with power over his subjects, and started to be over-cautious of this envious rivals and enemies, and made plans to separate the castle from the lowly outside world, concealing the king to be alone with his treasure and his subjects. In the end, he blew up the strong wooden bridge that was the only entrance and exit to the majestic and grand castle, preventing merchants and travelers from entering the once-famous kingdom. Slowly, the king's subjects started to question the king's decision. With the bridge blew up, no merchants could enter the dictated kingdom, making the progress of technology of the ruined kingdom stop. The morale of the citizens of the kingdom decreased, and eventually refused to clean and polish the castle's walls, making them turn rough and rocky, with moss and creepers spreading around the walls like a disease.

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