Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The sun was slowly disappearing down the horizon, basking the earth in its gentle rays. A beautiful hue of colours filled the sky as darkness was soon setting in. There stood on the summit of a mountain a sturdy snowy white castle with its sleek and grand blue roof. A gentle breeze blew towards me, soft, and comfortable. My silky black hair flew in the wind as I sat in the balcony of the castle looking at the magnificent view of the landscape from my room in the castle. I would not have the chance of having this view in my hometown. Recently, my family had received an invitation letter from my step uncle to his daughter’s wedding. Upon reading the letter, my father gladly agreed. So, that explains the reason for my presence in this gigantic castle compared to my small home a few kilometers away from here. I could hear my family and my step uncle’s family chatting happily a floor below. Out of the blue, a ear-piercing scream escaped into the air…...

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