Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Techno Donner Family - Pasakorn ภาสกร

My Belle.

Belle, or Belle Donner.

Don’t confuse that with belladonna.

She has such a sweet voice. She would sing in the gardens with the birds chirping with her every morning.

Only when I was broke, did I appreciate the company of Belle.

Before I left home, I spoke to my 3 daughters.

“I’m going away for quite some time, what would you like as a gift when I get back?”

My 2 eldest daughters cried, “An iPhone!” “A MacBook!”

Belle just sang,

“I’d like a bunch of roses, please.

“None ever grows in our garden.

“But a ring would be nice,

“With a big diamond on top.”

I left, promising those useless gifts.

Although I quite like the roses Bella used to grow.

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