Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introduction of Beauty & the Beast by Roy

A woman she was, as beautiful as any woman her age or any young, with long flowing hair, she trapped the Beast of the Castle with her minions, little spiny reptiles with wings of darkness and lungs of flame. "You dare to defeat me?! You shall be cursed to be forever having hair of snakes! No one shall ever approach you again!" The Beast shouted in rage and anger. Being a creature of the darkness, the Beast conjured out a spell from ancient times, turning the woman into a Gorgon, with her now-snake-like hair, she turned the dying Beast into stone, leaving the castle inside a gigantic sphere of the darkness. The Gorgon could not leave, but now has to stay in the castle waiting, waiting for someone to enter to try to help her, but will turn into stone, only until the Gorgon dies, will the Beast's curse on the castle will end.

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