Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture A: image of a beautiful castle

The castle was magnificent.
The majestic blue rooftop gave the castle a majestic look, the look that was fit for royalty. The white - grey bricks that made the whole body strong and sturdy, it made it look like it was made to endure strong winds and storms, it made it look like it could endure anything.
The golden touches gave the castle a truly high-class look, it fitted the rich and royal living in the castle.
The light red and white bricks that made up the boundary of the castle, made the already sturdy castle look even safer.
The luscious green lake contrasted the high class look of the castle with the natural green look reflected off the greenery surrounding the castle. The castle reflected over the green lake.
With everything I saw, it truly makes me wonder, who lives here?

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