Tuesday, July 13, 2010

B&B yifan

Beast was walking in orchard road one day, when he saw a good looking young woman, he was going round looking for workers for his new beauty salon, named- The beastly Beauty. “This is the person I am looking for!” best exclaimed as a plan to “subdue” her floated into his mind. He stalked her all the way home and took down the address on his iPhone.


  1. The next day, he went to her house, as a executive, “you are the one I was looking for” he told her, “and I, the owner of a salon, wants you to join my clan”, “fine then” said beauty, whats the salary then? “100 bucks per week” said beast. “Deal sealed” said beauty. “lets get to work then” said beast. They went to the salon and beast took off his coat and disguise... “OMG, you are a beast?!”

  2. "Right on" said beast, "name's beast, race's beast too, pleased to meet you"

    "yea right"said beauty.

    "whatever, and your iPad"

    "You have facebook?"

  3. "Duh, who do you think I am?" said beauty, "we are in the tech age now, caveman!". "lol" beast said