Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Narrative description of Castles 1 & 2

Castle 1

The once bustling castle now stood abandoned. three hundred years ago, this used to be the ballroom where nobility flocked to from all over the kingdom, a chattering market of conversation, and the pride of the people of Eggland. Now, the castle stays tranquil, and the only people who go there are tourists, historians and the groundskeeper.

Castle 2

The prominent blue cone above the white towers looked majestic in the setting sun. The mountaintop castle had stood for hundreds of years, been the home of many a lord, and witness to many a tragedy. A winding path leads up the mountain to the door of the castle, and at the other end of the path stood a destroyed bridge. The bridge had been torn down to halt the army of the Purples, by cutting it off from the Kingdom of Gorillas. Not for long...

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