Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the castle with the lake - helene

At long last, the new castle was built. After many long months of laboring to complete the castle with its high white walls and the beautiful lake around it, it was finally completed. It was such an enormous castle, that even the servants could get lost in it. It had a grand royal gate, a garden with perfectly tamed grass and many exotic trees along with it. Everyone knew of the castle, despite it being so new, and everyone knew that the princess was trying to find a suitable groom. Everyone who came by was deemed not good enough by the king for the perfect princess, who was attractive, intelligent and well-mannered. All men wanted to be her husband, but all who tried had failed, as the kings expectations were extremely high. All of this was something that a beggar like Julian could only dream of. But one day changed his life forever……

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