Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Descriptions of Picture A - Roy

From the view of a fiery dragon in search of treasure, the castle was perfect. In the clear blue sky, the polished stone towers of the magnificent castle shone brilliantly in the eyes of the gold-hungry dragon. As the dragon approached, the dragon's sixth sense could feel gold, treasures and jewels hidden in the heart of that stone structure. To the dragon, the castle just needed a weak whip of its tail to be completely demolished. When the dragon landed, the knights of the castle rushed out to defend their king's home, but to no avail, their short swords of steel could not pierce through the hard scales of the dragon. Ignoring the weak knights who posed no threat, the dragon whipped his huge tail at the castle's supposedly-indestructible walls, spilling out stones and other wreckage into the nearby river. The dragon eyed the castle with greed as it clawed its claws which were harder than diamond at the center tower, destroying the once stable and undisturbed walls of stone of the castle, revealing a bounty of treasure to please the dragon, surrounded by the rubble of its once-sturdy castle walls. With a smirk of pleasure, the dragon grabbed a huge handful of the treasure, leaving nothing behind, and flew away in huge and powerful beats of his long leathery wings.

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