Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture A - Millie

Majestic - the only word to describe that elegant castle sitting by a stream, with waters so clear you could see those little rocks settling at the bottom of it. Disney, I heard, was the name of the guy who created this beautiful piece of artwork. I placed my hand into the waters, ripples spread across the stream’s surface. I gazed at that tall castle. How I wished to go in there. With buildings that high, the scenery would be splendid and it also did not matter that he was in the tallest tower. The one with the golden pointy roof. I would never forget that day. He ought to be bashed up, no, he ought to be killed. Perhaps being chopped off bit by bit, just like what he did to my sister. What an unscrupulous method to get the king’s favor. What a beautiful castle, yet filled with that crook. That disgusting, gross, irritating, practically heartless crook. The only thing valuable to him was wealth and fame. Guess he was not going to have them any longer… …

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