Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Long ago, there was a handsome man who was a wizard. He was a great wizard but was one who practice dark magic. One particular dark magic, which was essential to reach his goal, had made him become abandon his heart. He will be immortal but if he was turned into something else,like an animals, he will lose this ability… Using the instruction for that dark magic, he dug out his heart and threw it into a dark chest, locked with more dark magic and locks. Because of the lost of heart, he never had any feelings for anything, anyone. His fellow villages teased him for not being able to attract any woman. But soon, he decided to find a woman as he required a lady's heart. One that was so stunning that all the man will go mad over her, one that is as rich as him, someone who could match up to his reputation. Such a particular woman should had caused anyone to find for over a thousand years. But lady luck was on his side. The next day he promised to find such a woman, one such woman came into town.

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