Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Setting (Kimberly)

Picture A: Image of a Beautiful Castle

In the majestic castle situated in the centre of the country, lived the royalties. It was a grand place, certainly it was like heaven to lived in there. You could imagined that the moment they opened their eyes in the morning, they could hear the birds chirping, smell the fragrance of the roses grew in the Royal Garden. In the noon, they could hear the laughters of the young princes and princesses playing while they strolled along the lake in joy. On the top of the highest tower of the castle, it was romantic with the perfect view of the sunset. A young girl with a beautiful name - Ellena desired to live in the elegant castle, to enjoy the wonderful time she would have had in the beautiful castle. However, not all would have the chance to have this memorable experience. The castle, with high security, did not welcomed any peasants. The guards did not even allow any unauthorized personnels to come near it. Ellena, born in a poor family, could only stared at it from far, imaging herself living in it. What could she do to get to stay in that enormous castle?

Picture B: Image of a Castle set on a Hill Top.

The ancient castle was up on the high mountains, isolated from the modern world. The only way up was to travel up the long winding road, that wold take hours and hours. Even if anyone bothered to climb up the mountains, they could not. The path was broken. The gap was too huge for anyone to jump across. Anyone who attempted was fed to the crocodile-like monsters living in the lake below. The crocodile-like monsters ate humans with their bones, you could hear the bone crunching when they bit. The castle was once a part of the great kingdom, the place where the royal family stayed. But now, not a single soul could be found there. The only occupant was the spiders, filling up the emptiness with cobweb. Who will be the next man to find his way here to explore the uncovered?

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