Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beauty and the Beast, Ilya

‘Sigh… How I wish she could be mine…’ said Artie as he looked at Helen… The most beautiful girl in the whole of SST, The School of Super Teens. Now Helen barely even notices Artie. Maybe it’s because he became a Super Geek. Artie now spends his whole day on his LemonLappie, his laptop. It was only a week ago when one of his more, Super Athletic friends, Royce invited him to his house. They talked and talked as they ran side-by-side on Roy’s track. Arthur started talking about Helen. Then, he was Super Popular. Royce, who actually also liked Helen, gave Artie a pair of golden Adasdi shoes. "Wear these. They will make Helen like you. However, they will turn you into a Super Geek if you do not get her within a week. Good luck' Roy said as he ran away as fast as he could. Royce never talked to Artie again...

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