Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scenery Introduction - Roy

As it approached the castle of Pavalon, where the High King Artus governed the Archipelago of Dreams, Samaranth, the Oldest Dragon alive flew gracefully and swiftly towards the old steady castle of stone, wondering what did the descendent of King Arthur want with her. As Samaranth got closer to the castle, many of its historic features were in view of the magnificent beast's eyes.
Memories of the war against Mordred, the Winter King, were represented by the castle's rebuilt towers, repainted with their brand-new shine of youth. However, even with their new appearance, Samaranth could recall the angry protesters all commanded by Mordred vividly in her ever-aging mind. All wielding swords, axe and many other weapon of war, the protesters used weapons and fire to create destruction that Samaranth would never forget. Swords clashed and spears stabbed, the violent scene of blood and destruction seemed fresh in her memory, only until she stood side by side with King Arthur, did the men stop fighting to respect King Arthur as he commanded the all-mighty force of the dragon Samaranth. With scales shining brighter than biggest star and wings that stretched nearly from one side of the castle to the other, King Arthur's enemies admired Samaranth's image of power and fear its power and potential destruction, helping King Arthur to regain peace in the Archipelago of Dreams.
However, all that was years ago, now her body still continues to age, her image of strength was shattering, now not many fear her for her kind and peace-loving nature, making her less of a threat she was before.

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