Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beauty and the Bald- Arthur Lee

"Tale as old as birth
False as it can be
far from being friends
Then somebody bends

Just a massive change
Big, to say the least
Both really scared
Not at all prepared
Beauty and the Bald"

The music was playing as the beautiful french la Belle and the bald, 40 year old Peter danced to it. They were horrible dancers and kept on stepping on each others feet, some would say that this was on purpose. They were only dancing so that the curse would be lifted. 40 year old Peter hired la Belle to dance with him to get rid of the curse. " Until you get a beautiful woman to dance with you, you will forever be bald, bwahaha!! Ahhhh, but there's a catch that person must dance with you because she wants to." " The curse should be lifted by now, why isn't my hair growing back!!" Peter said. La Belle just kept quiet,she did not say a thing.

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