Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture B - Millie

High up in the mountains stood a sturdy castle. The castle was cloaked beautifully in white. The roof tops showed off its majestic colour to the Earth. Yet, I knew, splashes of burnt spots lay beneath those magical colours. Blazing rays shot out from behind the castle as it wrapped itself in the Sun's warmth. Leading to the magnificent one was a long stretch of road - a broken path, filled with uncountable number of cracks. The view was perfect. It had been a long time. I stood at the edge of the path with my hands in my pocket. Cloudy images of the past became clearer and clearer. Ear - piercing screams could be heard. Burning flames were everywhere as the path burst into pieces. I was brought back to that day. That very day that took my happiness away. I gritted my teeth. That guy who ruined everything was going down. I clenched my fists.

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